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New Project from Archives and Special Collections Department

by University Library on 2021-06-30T12:59:54-05:00 | Comments

The Archives and Special Collections Department is launching a new project and we need your help!

We have hundreds of photographs in our collections that lack key identifying info: the names of people pictured, the year the photo was taken, where it was taken, and/or what exactly is being depicted in the picture.

The Archives and Special Collections has created a Flickr account featuring a small portion of these unidentified photos. They are all either partially or completely unidentified; sometimes we’ll know the name of one person in the photo, or maybe we know the event that was captured, or we might just only have the year the photo was taken.

This is where you come in! If you recognize something about the photos, we encourage you to leave a comment letting us know. You’ll also be able to interact with other commenters, so feel free to ask questions or build on what others are saying. 

A free Flickr account is required to comment, but you can always send us an email at if you don’t want to register for one.

We’ll be updating the photo descriptions and our archival records whenever we receive new info, so any context you can give for the photos is great. We want to preserve Xavier’s history, so the more information we have the better.  

If you’ve been to Xavier’s Homecoming events over the past few years, you may have seen us do something like this in person. We typically have a table in the UC filled with old photographs from our archives, all needing identification of some sort. It’s been a great opportunity to speak with alumni as they share their memories of Xavier and reminisce about the past.

We’ve been able to add identification for dozens of photos from our archives during these Homecoming events, all thanks to the Xavier community. We’re hoping to keep this project going to preserve as much university history as we can.

Now that our photo identification crowdsourcing project is online, we hope more alumni will be able to participate and share their memories with us.

The Flickr album will be updated with new photos, so check back often! We hope you’ll see some familiar faces in the album (and maybe even an old photo of yourself!).  

Identifications, questions, and other comments can be sent to the Archives and Special Collections at The URL for the Flickr album is:

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