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Study Room Policies

Xavier University Library has 6 Individual Study rooms and 18 Group Study rooms. Group Study rooms are intended as a space for students (up to 6 in a room) to work and study together. They are not intended for either individual study or socializing. Individual Study rooms are intended as a space for one student to work alone. They are not intended for group study, socializing, sleeping, or eating meals.

Only current XU students with a valid XUID and email address may reserve rooms within the University Library. 

Reservations, Cancellations, Grace Period

•    Rooms may be reserved up to two weeks in advance.
•    All bookable rooms are available for reservation during the hours the Library is open.
•    You will need to confirm your reservation in the email that you receive within 15 minutes of placing the reservation, or your reservation will not be held.
•    Rooms are reserved in 1-hour time slots. 
•    Reservations are limited to 2-time slots (2 hours) per room with no back-to-back reservations.
•    Groups or individuals may stay beyond their reserved time if no one else has reserved that room at that time.
•    Cancel a request via the confirmation email.
•    15 minute late arrival grace period for all reservations; after 15 minutes, the room becomes openly available.
•    Proof of reservation may be required during your reserved time.
•    The Library reserves the right to cancel any reservation that is not in accord with our policies.

General Policies

•    Rooms must be kept clean; remove all trash and personal belongings after use.
•    Study rooms include a whiteboard; only use appropriate markers and erasers; see the User Services Desk in the 2nd floor Administration Suite to borrow whiteboard supplies.
•    Group study room noise is to be conversational; keep noise minimal.
•    Individual study room noise is to be very low; wear headphones for audio use.
•    For help, contact the User Services Desk in the library 2nd floor Administration Suite at 504-520-7305.

Access Services and Student Resources Librarian

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