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Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Labs

VR/AR at Xavier University Library

Welcome to the Xavier University Library Virtual and Augmented Reality Lab


The XULA Extended Reality Lab is now open and available for reservation to cater to your extended reality development needs. The University Library takes great pride in offering students, faculty, and staff a dedicated space for research and development of extended reality technologies. Throughout the sessions, XR Lab Staff will be present to provide guidance and assistance, ensuring a seamless experience. 

The Extended Reality Lab is located in 415C of the University Library. Operating hours for the VR Lab are by appointment only. Please note that these hours are subject to change. For any inquiries or clarifications, do not hesitate to reach out to David Williams, Innovative Learning Librarian. 

The Augmented Reality Classroom is coming soon and is located in 417B.

Equipment Available 

The VR Lab and Experience Center contains the following equipment for student, faculty, and staff use: 

  • Oculus Quest 2 VR System
  • HTC Vive Pro Eye Tracking VR Research System (2)
  • HP Reverb Mesh Compatible VR Headsets (2)
  • Microsoft Hololens 2 Developer Edition (1)
  • MSI VR One Backpack PC (2)
  • VizMove Projection VR Projector 
  • GoPro Max 360 Camera 

Software Available 

  • WorldViz Vizard 7 Enterprise Edition 
  • Vizible Classroom VR Collaboration 
  • WorldViz VR Eye Tracking Analytics Lab
  • Various titles available through Steam 


To Get Started 

  • Read our policies 
  • See our Library for a list of available VR games and experiences 
  • Schedule time to meet with our VR Lab Specialist who will guide you through the experience 
  • Come to the lab (UL415C) and prepare to be amazed!