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Borrowing Ebooks

Ebook Borrowing

Electronic books are digital books to be read on an internet connected device. They are keyword searchable, more environmentally friendly, and often times more than one person can read the book at the same time. Access to ebooks from a distance or during shut downs and emergencies is also possible. An ebook collection is also not restricted by the size of a building or amount of shelves. For all these reasons and more, Xavier University of Louisiana library is an ebook first library. To check out an ebook, use keywords to search for your topic. Ebooks will be indicated with an "Available Online" link below the book's title and description.

Ebook Policies

  • ebooks are automatically returned to the system upon loan period expiration
  • ebooks are indicated by an "Available Online" green link beneath a book's title and description
  • many ebooks can be loaned to multiple readers at the same time
  • sometimes printing or downloading of ebook material is possible, but may be restricted to a few pages, a chapter, or other denomination due to copyright laws

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