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Academic Publishing

About this Guide

This guide aims to assist you as you pursue publishing your academic work. While this guide is not comprehensive, it will help point you toward resources that will help you get your work published in the place that is most appropriate for your work and discipline.

Identifying Publishers for Your Research

You want to make sure that your work is a good match for the publisher, and the publisher is a good match for your work. While this is not a comprehensive list, it can help you start thinking about some things that will help guide your search for a publisher of your work.


One of the things you want to consider when thinking about where to publish is the reputation of the publisher or the publication. While some publications are well-known within a specific area of study, others may be well-known across multiple disciplines.

  • Where are the scholarly conversations happening in your discipline?
  • Where are your peers publishing?
  • How does this journal rank in comparison to other journals?
  • Is the publication/publisher well-respected in the academic community?


  • Who is your audience?
  • Who can access the work after it has been published?
  • Once published, what rights do you as the author have regarding your work?