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Innovation Studio

Intellectual Property for XULA's Makers

Xavier University of Louisiana is one of six HBCUs participating in The HBCU IP Futures Collaborative: Powered by Michelson IP. The goals of the program include spreading knowledge about intellectual property laws and building awareness among relevant campus communities. The University Library's Innovation Studio is a makerspace. IP education is applicable to makerspaces in relation to university ownership policy maintained by OSRP and federal copyright law

Michelson IP Resources

Michelson IP Animated Videos
Michelson IP  Case Studies
Michelson IP Certificate Program
Michelson IP Interactive Ebook
Michelson IP Micro Course
Michelson IP Hot Topics

Ready to Create?

Copyright Libguide

Information on copyright, public domain, and exceptions such as fair use and face-to-face instruction.

Creative Commons

Popular websites such as Youtube, Wikimedia, and the Internet Archive host content shared under a Creative Commons or Public Domain license. Visit the Creative Commons website to learn more about browsing the Openverse and other free content databases.