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Innovation Studio

Full Spectrum Laser Pro-Series 24 x 16

Laser Cutter

All Pro-Series Lasers, like our Full Spectrum Laser Pro-Series 24 x 16, come with RetinaEngrave 3D ethernet controller, motorized z-stage, autofocus, knife edge and honeycomb tables and all necessary accessories, included standard. It also comes with RetinaEngrave v3.0 software.

RetinaEngrave allows you to design very simple projects. You can also upload raster images (such as .jpegs, .tiifs, and .pngs) to make engravements. If you want to cut out an image, you'll need a vector image (such as .svg and .dxf). GeeksforGeeks has an article explaining the differences between the two file types. 

Software such as Inkscape and Adobe Illustrator can be used to create more complex and detailed projects. Inkscape is available in the Innovation Studio for patrons to use, and is also free to download. 

We have pieces of plywood and clear acrylic available to patrons. Patrons may also bring in their own materials to create their projects, but any synthetic material is strictly forbidden for use with the Full Spectrum Laser. Outside of this, most materials that burn, not melt, are suitable for this machine. 

Safety glasses (available in the Innovation Studio) should be worn at all times when operating the Full Spectrum Laser. 

Designed in the Innovation Studio