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Searching by Topic

1) Create RSS Feed or Save your search statement to work on later

2) Refine your search to be more specific

3) Change the Display setting and Sort search results to list your priority at the top


Pro Tip:
Be specific
Avoid punctuations and Boolean (AND OR NOT) 
Do not use truncation (*)

1) Save / Email / Export citations to yourself or citation management software

2) Linkout to Full Text PDF (See Find Full Text for more details)

3) More details related to the record, e.g. Cited by, MeSH terms, etc.

Author Search

To search for research by a particular author, use these pro tips:

  • Last name <space> First initial (without punctuation or capitalization); e.g. fauci a
  • Up to 2 first initials; e.g. fauci as
  • If you only know the author's last name, use the author search field tag [au]; e.g. fauci[au]
  • If the author has a common name, find an article by the author and click on the link of the author's name. PubMed uses its algorithm to return articles most likely by the author.

Known Item Search - Citation Searching

To search for an article based on a citation:

  • If you know the full title of the article, search by article title
  • Use citation elements (author, title words, journal, volume, year, etc.); e.g. nolte blood 2019