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Field Tags

Some useful Search Field Tags:

MeSH Subheadings [SH]
Title [TI]
Title and abstract [TIAB]
Journal Title [TA]
Text word [TW]
Author [AU]
Affiliation [AD]
MeSH Major Topic [MAJR]
Subset / Filter [SB]

For a detailed description of the tags above, and other tags available, go to this Search Field Description and Tags page.

Systematic Reviews

To search for systematic reviews in PubMed, use the article type filter on the sidebar on the left (see screenshot below), or enter your search terms followed by AND systematic[sb] in the search box. For example, lyme disease AND systematic[sb].

For more information on searching for systematic reviews in PubMed, visit this Systematic Reviews FAQ page.

Advanced Search Builder

1) Enter your search terms. You can change the search field using the drop-down menu. Click ADD to add terms to the query box.

2) Terms in (1) are added here. You can edit your search query here.

3) Add previous searches from Search History using the Action button.

4) Display search results by clicking on the numbers.