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Innovation Studio

A place to gather, create, learn and collaborate on projects

About Xavier University Library's Innovation Studio

Open Lab Hours Spring 2024

Monday-Friday: 2pm-6pm

Use this link to book an appointment outside of Open Lab Hours. 

Innovation Studio

The Xavier University of Louisiana Library's Innovation Studio complements and expands the library’s role in supporting a holistic learning environment and promoting a cycle of life-long learning among students and faculty. The Innovation Studio empowers members of the Xavier community to transform their ideas into a new reality by making something tangible or visible. Members of the community will engage with the equipment and materials, but more importantly with each other, so as to test new concepts, discover solutions to problems, and use their intellect and creativity in new ways.

  • The Innovation Studio is free to all Xavierites. While students are given priority, faculty and staff may also utilize the space.
  • There is no charge for the use of materials.  If you bring your own material, please check with the staff to make sure it is appropriate for the equipment.
  • Training is provided by staff. 

Patrons are welcome to use the machines to create and collaborate on projects to test new ideas, after signing in and training with Innovation studio staff.      

We have various colors of PLA filament, plywood, clear acrylic, yarn, fabric swatches, various colors of thread, cardstock, and other crafting materials. Stop by to see our full inventory and discover what you can make!

Carvey Group Tutorial
Sewing Basics Workshop
Student Changing Filament on 3D Printer
Sewing Tutorial
Student Working on 3D Printed Object
Sewing Bascis Workshop
3D Printing Tutorial
Carvey CNC Milling Machine
Sewing Basics Workshop
Cricut Supplies
Tour of Innovation Studio

What is a Makerspace?

From the Makerspace Playbook

"Learning environments rich with possibilities, Makerspaces serve as gathering points where communities of new and experienced makers connect to work on real and personally meaningful projects, informed by helpful mentors and expertise, using new technologies and traditional tools."

"The origin of the Maker movement is found in something quite personal: what we might call experimental play. Makers are enthusiasts who play with technology to learn about it. A new technology presents an invitation to play, and makers regard this kind of play as highly satisfying. Makers give it a try; they take things apart; and they try to do things that even the manufacturer didn’t think of doing. Whether it’s figuring out what you can do with a 3D printer or an autonomous drone aircraft, makers are exploring what they can do and learning as they explore. Out of that process emerges new ideas, which may lead to real-world applications or new business ventures. Making is a source of innovation."

Reservations Recommended

To ensure that the tool/equipment you are interested in using is available, be sure to book a reservation.