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Guides, tips, and tricks for citing your works.

Citation Shortcuts

Did you know that many databases include article citations that you can cut and paste into your Works Cited page? Simply clean up the formatting and double-check the punctuation and capitalization. Always triple-check that the pre-made citation matches the appropriate style guide!

In History Reference Center, the citation appears at the end of the article and is labeled Source Citation. 

When using JSTOR, click the "Cite this item" button on the left-side of the article.

In the Ebsco Discovery Service, click on the title of an article to get the Detailed View screen. From there, click on the Cite option on the right-hand side of the screen. 

Academic Search Complete offers citation services via the "Cite" tool on the righthand toolbar while viewing an article. 

The "Cite" button at the top toolbar of an article while using ProQuest (All Databases)

In Project Muse, click on View Citation to the right of the article you're viewing.


Zotero can help you store, manage, and cite the information you collect--all for free.  It can collect information about books, articles from databases, individual webpages (including a snapshot of the page itself), audio and video files as well as store pdf documents for you.

Zotero allows you to start gathering research immediately. Go to and use the Download button to get the latest version. You will want to register for a Zotero account and log-in so you can sync your account and participate in groups.  Be sure to also add your plugin of choice for word processing--Word or LibreOffice.

Watch the video below to learn how to use Zotero!