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Research Process

Information Needs

screenshot of general information about social inequality from Credo

General Information

Look for sources that provide overviews to help you gain understanding, such as webpages, dictionaries, and encyclopedias. ⚠️  This should not be your main source of information.

screenshot from showing opinion piece about gun rights


Look for sources that share points of view on a topic, such as blogs, editorials, social media, and opinion polling agencies.

scholarly article showing author's professional background

Expert's Take

Look for scholarly research articles, books, or other works written by someone who has demonstrated expertise as well as interviews with those individuals. One of of our journal databases can help you!

statista database showing wage data reports available

Data & Facts

Look for statistics based resources related to the topic from government agencies, organizations, or original research articles.

interview with an economics professor about economic inequality


Look for first-person narratives or case studies found in interviews, newspapers, research articles, and websites.

example news article about discrimination against black marijuana farmers

Latest Information

Look for news websites, broadcasts, and social media.