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Data Visualization Lab

Consultation Policies

Our primary method for directly improving the impact of research and teaching at Xavier is through Data Visualization consultations, and we are excited to provide consultations to all members of campus: undergraduates, graduate students, staff and faculty. If you face challenges deploying your data, or are trying to incorporate data science, analysis or visualization techniques into your class, research or independent projects, we would be glad to help!

Please note that there are best practices in data collection, and structuring. When data is collected informally over time, it can be a tedious and error-prone process to translate it into a useful format. Our lab strives to use only the best practices in the data management lifecycle - we have found this yield significant dividends in our own projects. If you project has strayed from modern collection practices, your challenges may lie outside of our policies to address directly.

To schedule a consultation, select a time slot below. Feel free to send a short summary of your project or a sample of your data to David Williams, Digital Initiatives Librarian, at, and he will take a look ahead of your meeting.