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Data Visualization Lab


Due to limited number of workstations, usage of the Data Visualization lab resources must fall under one of the following categories:

  1. A data visualization consultation with the lab
  2. Attending a visualization workshop sponsored by the lab
  3. Data-driven research or academic work during lab open hours
  4. Approved data-driven or visualization projects requiring resources beyond a conventional computer lab.


Additionally, we provide workshops on the various software available in the lab throughout the year. Registration is suggested as space is limited, but walk-ins are welcome. These workshops provide a hands-on, beginner-focused, active-learning environment to bolster your data visualization toolbox.

If there are workshops you would like to see sponsored by the lab, please give us your feedback in our online suggestion box.

General lab guidelines:

  • Maximum student occupancy: 18
  • For an in-class workshop, instructors must be present for the entire duration. Students will not be admitted to lab until the instructor has been checked-in for the session. We ask that instructors arrive 15 minutes before the start of class.
  • Students will be sent a short experience survey after the workshop – please encourage them to complete the survey! Their feedback is essential for improving the programming offered through the Data Visualization Lab.
  • Food and drink is not permitted in the lab, with the exception of closed water bottles. Water bottles should remain stowed and away from the workstations.
  • Do not download software on lab computers. If there is a software package you require, please email the lab.
  • Headphones are required for personal music and other audio. Headphones must not be at a volume at which they leak noise.