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Citing Sources

Citation Management

There are several resources that allow you to collect, organize, and easily access sources from your research. Methods can range from the super simple to browser extensions and software. You can use the tabs to see some different options.

One of the easiest, low-key ways is a simple research log. Included here is a blank table you can copy and paste into a document, as well as an example of one filled out.


Adapted from Writing Guide with Handbook
     What it says How it relates What I think
Date: Permalink: 
How I found it:  


What it says How it relates What I think
"Despite fearing for their reputations because of their sexually provocative cheerleading routines, every cheerleader I interviewed was... proud of the squad’s technique, and committed to cheering." Cheerleaders are athletes who want to showcase skill and technique in a non-seductive way. Cheer coaches should make conscious decisions about routines that highlight skill and athleticism and not include dance that reduces the athlete to a sexual object. 
Source/Citation: Johnson, Chelsea Mary Elise. “‘Just Because I Dance Like a Ho I’m Not a Ho’: Cheerleading at the Intersection of Race, Class, and Gender.” Sociology of Sport Journal, vol. 32, no. 4, Dec. 2015, pp. 377–94. EBSCOhost,
Date: 8/9/22 Permalink:,sso&db=sih&AN=113169505&site=ehost-live&custid=s8993175
How I found it: I went to SocIndex and typed in cheerlead*

thumbtack iconXULA's Library Search has a built-in feature for saving favorite searches and sources from the library's collections. You can sign in to your Library Search account using XULA's Single Sign On (SSO) and use the "My Favorites" thumbtack icon to create a list of saved resources or save a search.

Directions for Save to my Favorites

  1.  Do a search in the Library Search engine bar
  2. In the upper right-hand corner of the search return page, click Sign In
  3. Use your regular XULA login information
  4. Do a search in the Library Search engine bar
    1. Save a Search Query – at the top of your results, notice the black push pin graphic with the words “save query.” Click to save that results page.
    2. Save a single article/book – look for the black push pin graphic on the right side of the article/book entry. Click to save that one result.
  5. To access these saved searches and articles/books later, Sign In, and press the white push pin graphic in the upper-right hand corner of the search return page  

No personal device?

If you are unable to download the software to your personal device, you still have options available to you. You can add an item on the web version using a unique identifier such as the URL, DOI, or ISBN (in both Zotero and Mendeley) or you can import the .ris file (Mendeley only).

Browser extensions provide additional functionality to your web browser. The extensions for Zotero & Mendeley are not standalone products. However, the extensions do make it really easy to pull citation information from a page on the web. As always, you will need to review the information being imported for accuracy. 





With most anything that requires you to input information, mistakes can happen. If you cannot identify the source type correctly, you may end up selecting the incorrect citation format. If you are unable to locate the correct information, or can not recognize what information is incorrectly placed, your citation will be wrong. 

Always double-check with someone if you are unsure. The librarians are here to help you locate information, which includes information to help you cite your sources accurately.

Tutorials for Citation Managers