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Physician Assistant

Mobile Apps

For assistance with downloading or registering for apps, please contact Dana Thimons

Access App

The Access App provides access to content from AccessMedicine and AccessPharmacy, including books, videos and other multimedia, cases, review Q&A, images, infographics, diagnostic tools, and new personalization features. Case Files Collection content is not currently featured in the app. 

To engage with all the content and resources on the Access App, users need to create a free Access profile while connected to XULA's AccessMedicine or AccessPharmacy subscriptions. 

  1. Access XULA's Subscriptions: Log into AccessPharmacy or AccessMedicine through XULA Library's website. You should see "Access Provided by Xavier University of Louisiana in the upper-right corner. 
  2. Sign In/Create Your Access Profile
  3.  Install the App: On your mobile device, navigate to the appropriate link to install the Access app for iOS or Android. After installing, you will be prompted to sign in with your Access profile credentials. Please note the Access app is not yet optimized for viewing on an iPad or tablet. 

NOTE:You have 90 days of access before you will need to re-authenticate to your Access profile through XULA's subscription.. You will receive a reminder in-app when you need to reconnect to the subscription.

ClinicalKey App

The ClinicalKey app enables users to use ClinicalKey on the go via their mobile device. 

In order to use the app, one  must create a free personal account within ClinicalKey while connected to XULA's subscription. 

  1.  Access XULA's Subscription: Log into ClinicalKey through XULA Library's website. 
  2. Sign In/Create a Free Personal Account: At the top right of the ClinicalKey page, click Register to create a personal account.
  3. Install the App: On your mobile device, navigate to the appropriate link to install the ClinicalKey app for iOS or Android. After downloading the app, select the option "I use ClinicalKey and know my user name." Enter your ClinicalKey user name and password to start using the ClinicalKey app.

UpToDate App

UpToDate mobile apps for iOS and Android are free and may be downloaded directly to your device from their respective app stores. Search the app store for "UpToDate.

  1. Install the App
  2. Sign Into the App

Scroll down to "Log in using your institution," select "OpenAthens," and enter "Xavier University of Louisiana." You will be prompted to log into UpToDate using your library account credentials. 

VisualDx App

Download the free VisualDx mobile app from the iTunes Store or Google Play and follow these steps:

  1. Access XULA's Subscription - Log into VisualDx through XULA Library's website. 
  2. Create a Free Personal Account - Scroll down and click on "Create a Personal Account."
  3. Sign into the app.