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Academic Publishing

Closed Access

Closed Access publications follow the traditional publishing and finding model. In general, an author can publish their work in a closed access publication at no cost to the author. The contents of the publications are only available to subscribers, but the way in which individuals can access that subscription can vary:

  • Individual print subscriptions to individual titles
  • Individual digital subscription to individual titles
  • Institutional print subscription to individual titles
  • Institutional digital subscription to individual titles
  • Institutional digital subscription package that includes an individual title

Libraries are happy to provide access to published work when it is available and within their budget to do so. However, because these packages can come in a variety of forms, there is no guarantee that a library will have access to the title in which you have published your work. 

Why Choose Closed Access

There are several reasons you may want to choose a closed access publication:

  • The premier publication for your field is a closed access publication
  • Your funding does not include publisher processing fees
  • Your work is in a field that is skeptical of open access publishing
  • You feel it would increase the likelihood of promotion/tenure to publish in an established publication
  • You feel your work would become "lost" in an open access model