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Library Maps

About the Library Space

The XULA Library occupies the 2nd through 4th floors of the Library Resource Building. 

2nd Floor

Here you'll find call numbers A-C, the leisure reading collection, and the writer's collection. The space offers 5 open study pergolas, many white boards, and tables with chairs. This floor is meant to be collaborative with a conversational noise level. There are 6 individual and 6 group study rooms; room 210 is the Information Literacy Lab and the service desk is located in the Administrative Suite near the stairs.

3rd Floor

Here you'll find call numbers D-Z. The space offers many individual study carrels, the archives reading room, and 6 group study rooms. This floor is quiet, with little talking.

4th Floor

Here you'll find the medium-rare book collection and 4 labs: Augmented Reality Lab 417B, Innovation Studio 415A, Data Visualization Lab 415B, Virtual Reality Lab 415C. The space offers large open tables, study pods, and 6 group study rooms. In the main study areas, silence is expected. The group study rooms and labs are collaborative with a conversational voice level.

Interactive Library Map