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Academic Publishing


Looking for a place to publish your work can be overwhelming. Not only do you have to find somewhere that matches your needs, but you want to make sure you are publishing in a reputable, well-respected publication that won't take advantage of you and your work. 

Quality Control

  1. Articles are indexed in subject-related research databases and/or services.
  2. The journal is clear about the type of peer review it uses.
  3. The Editor/Editorial board are recognized experts in the field
  4. They mention the journal on their own websites.
  5. The scope of the journal is well-defined and clearly stated.
  6. Consequently, articles are within the scope and meet the standards of the discipline.
  7. Journal is registered in Ulrich'sWeb: Global Serials Directory
  8. The journal record provides lots of info including whether it is refereed (peer-reviewed) as well as a link to the journal website.
  9. Articles have DOIs (Digital Object identifiers)
  10.  And for Open Access journals, the journal clearly indicates rights for use and re-use of articles at the article level (for instance, Creative Commons license) Source