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New Technology on the Horizon: Summon Q&A

A look at the technology and electronic resource advances coming to the Xavier University of Louisiana Library.

Summon Q&A

1. What is Summon?

Summon is our revolutionary new unified discovery service. It allows the researcher to quickly search, discover and access reliable and credible library content. It will replace our EBSCO Discovery Service.

2. Can I continue using EDS?

Yes. You can use EDS until the license expire. It will expire in Sep 2020.

3. Why do we switch to Summon?

There are several reasons we want to switch to Summon.

  • Summon contains our newest electronic resources
  • Summon integrates with OpenAthens, which will let users access to different sources smoothly


  • Altmetraics function - Altmetric badges display information about an article's scholarly impact as expressed through online, social media and new mentions.


  • Summon integrates with RefWorks, provides users a great solution to manage their research items.


  • Search items beyond the library's collection - it's a benefit for users to do research. Once they find any needed items beyond the library's collection, they can request it via our ILL services.



4. How can I use it?

Now you can use the search box in this guide. In the future, the search box will replace the EDS search box.

5. What if I have other questions or problems about Summon?

Send email or feedback to Jianshan