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New Technology on the Horizon: OpenAthens Q&A

A look at the technology and electronic resource advances coming to the Xavier University of Louisiana Library.

OpenAthens Q&A

1. What is Open Athens?

OA is an authentication service. It allows you to access to library’s resources both on and off campus. We used EZproxy before. OA will replace it.


2. When can I use it?

OA is online for a while. But we didn’t integrate with the library website yet. It will active in mid-May.

3. Why did we change to it?

OA offers a single sign-on, integrated with XULA’s authentication service, to access the library’s content. Users are able to access e-resources across service provider sites with just one login.


4. How can I use it?

It really depends on the access option you use.

  1. You can use library website. The link will direct you to log in page. Just log in with your Brightspace account.
  2. You can go to website: And type in Xavier on the right search box to find our organization. Then login with your Brightspace account.

Log in

  1. If you use google and direct to database website. On their website, you can see an OA login option. It will direct you to my OA’s login page.

UpToDate Login

5. Will login screen look the same for every resource?

No. It’s resource specific. Look for sign in or login options. It might also ask you to select your Federation. Our Federation is Open Athens Federation.


6. Does it mean I can get access to everything?

No. Open Athens is a “gateway” service to facilitate access to publisher content. It doesn’t include any content of its own.


7. What’s the benefits?

  1. It’s a single sign-on service. It’s easier and more friendly for users. Especially for the people who prefer Google to find resources.
  2. Use Open Athens to sign in some sites. You can keep your personal data and records. Such as ProQuest Ebook Central and EBSCO databses.

8. What should I do for my old bookmarks to database, books and articles?

The best solution is to create a new bookmark by following steps:

  1. Start from library homepage
  2. Search for the bookmarked resource

After you find the resource, save a new bookmark


9. How do I know the resource I bookmarked is EZporxy or OA?

Check the URLs.

EZproxy resource has a prefix before the resource’s URL

While Open Athens’s resource has a prefix


10 Will I be able use OA to authenticate through Google?

Yes, if we subscribed to the resource and they do offer an Open Athens authentication option.


11. Will OA remember me when I change devices or use a different browser?

Open Athens uses cookies to remember you. Mostly if you change web service from Chrome to Firefox or another browser. You will be asked to login again. If you change devices, you will be asked to login again.


12. What happens if I clear my cookies?

You’ll be asked to log in again.


13. What if I have other questions about authenticating to XULA Library Resources?

Send email or feedback to


14. What can I do if I can’t find a database on the list?

The list on my OpenAthens page is a list of vendors. If you’re looking for a particular database, I’d suggest you go to A-Z Databases


15. Why do I still need to use EZproxy for some databases?

Yes, we have some sites and databases are still under processing. They will be replaced by OpenAthens soon.