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Xavier University of Louisiana Library

Meet Our Team of Faculty and Staff


Tamera Hanken   Nancy Hampton

Tamera Hanken

Library Director
Academic Support Area: Academic Affairs, 504.520.5083

Nancy Hampton

Head of Collection Resources
Discipline Areas: Digital Humanities, Fine Arts, Music, Speech Language Pathology, 504.520.7534
Lee Yen Han   Kayla Siddell

Lee-Yen Han

Head of Learning and Engagement
Discipline Areas: Pharmacy, Physician Assistant, Educational Leadership
Academic Support Areas: Graduate Program, Transfer Students, CAT, 504.520.6728

Kayla Siddell

Head of Research and Technology
Discipline Areas: Psychology, Sociology
Academic Support Areas: Institutional Research, Xavier Exponential, Ronald E. McNair Program, 504.520.5160


Barbara Sanders

Barbara Sanders

Office Manager
Administrative Support Areas: Fiscal Services, Financial Aid, 504.520.7304



Vincent Barraza

Archivist & Digital Preservation Librarian
Discipline Area: Digital Archives, Art History, Museum Studies, 504.520.7213

Xiaojie Duan

Collection Resources Librarian
Discipline Areas: Languages,504.520.5057
Sarah Hernandez

Felicia Fulks

Learning Design and Open Education Librarian
Discipline Areas: Biology, Chemistry



Sarah Hernandez

First-Year Experience Librarian
Discipline Areas: Communications, Performance Studies, Philosophy
Academic Support Areas: Student Affairs, SASO
Administrative Support Areas: Campus Ministry, Career Services, First- and Second-Year Students, 504.520.5463

Jianshan Yang

System & Technology Librarian
Discipline Area: Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics
Administrative Support Area: Center for International and Intercultural Programs, Confucius Institute, ITC, 504.520.7428




Jane Fiegel   Leslie Sam Leslie Sam

Jane Fiegel

Digital & Technology Associate
Liaison Areas: History, Political Science
Digital Projects, Metadata, 504.520.5056

Leslie Sam

Acquisitions & Collections Supervisor
Liaison Areas: Theology, Counseling, 504.520.5388
Ashaki Haroon   Paula Singleton

Ashaki Haroon

Access Services Supervisor, 504.520.7311

Paula Singleton

Evening Supervisor & Learning Spaces Specialist
Administrative Support Area: Facilities, 504.520.7309
Edwin Buggage   Sandra Hawkins

Edwin Buggage

Learning Spaces Assistant, 504.520.7305

Sandra Hawkins

Learning Spaces, 504.520.7305
Esperanda Johnson  

Esperanda Johnson

Learning Spaces, 504.520.7305