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Xavier University of Louisiana Library

Information Literacy

Xavier's University Library information literacy program exists to support the growth of information literacy across the university's curriculum. Consultations are offered to faculty in support of individual courses and even specific assignments. Librarians collaborate with faculty in on-demand course-related instruction sessions to boost information literacy as students acquire research skills in their disciplines. Individual research consultations are offered to students and faculty alike to address more sophisticated needs or specific tools/resources. To request course-related instruction for your class, contact your departmental liaison.


Liaison Area: Librarian: Email: Extension:
Archives Irwin Lachoff 7665
Art Nancy Hampton 7534
Biology Paula Singleton 7309
Business Alex Saltzman 7663
Chemistry Mary George 5294
Communication studies Sarah Hernandez 5463
Computer Science Jianshan Yang 6718
Counseling Leslie Sam Jr. 5388
Data Science Alex Saltzman 7663
Education Kayla Siddell 7424
Engineering Mary George 5294
English TBD    
Graduate Programs TBD    
History Irwin Lachoff 7665
Mass Communication TBD    
Mathematics Jianshan Yang 6718
Music Nancy Hampton 7534
Pharmacy TBD    
Philosophy Irwin Lachoff 7665
Physics Mary George 5294
Political Science Irwin Lachoff 7665
Psychology Kayla Siddell 7424
Public Health Paula Singleton 7309
Sociology Kayla Siddell 7424
Speech Pathology Nancy Hampton 7534
Theology Leslie Sam Jr. 5388