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Xavier University of Louisiana Library

Digital Archives & Collections

Xavier University of Louisiana's Digital Archives contains a wealth of internationally and locally valued historical manuscripts, photographs, and university records. Presently holding over 13,000+ digital records, our fully accessible collections are growing at a rapid pace as we work to digitize the numerous treasures that exist within our University Library's Archives and Special Collections.

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Xavier University Photographs Collection - Historic Xavier University

This portion of the The Xavier University Photographs Collection contains photographs relating directly to the history of Xavier University of Louisiana, including "Old Xavier" University, Xavier Preparatory, Xavier Students, Campus Visitors, Academics, Sports, Buildings, and Activities dating from the Early 1900s to the 1950s. 

Archives Photographs Collection

The Xavier University Archives Photographs Collection consists of photographs held within the XULA Archives and deals directly with people of African descent in and around New Orleans. Here you will find notable members and institutions of the community, local persons and events, as well as fraternal organizations and local churches.

Charles F. Heartman Manuscripts of Slavery Collection

The Charles F. Heartman Manuscripts of Slavery Collection consists of over 6000 pieces dating from 1724 to 1897, and relate directly to the social, economic, civil, and legal status of enslaved Negroes and Free People of Color in Louisiana an especially in New Orleans. The manuscripts are written in French, Spanish, and English. 

Arthur P. Bedou Photographs Collection

The Arthur P. Bedou Photographs Collection contains images taken by the leading black photographer of New Orleans in the first half of the twentieth century, including the last pictures taken of Marcus Garvey in the United States and extensive documentation of Booker T. Washington's last speaking tours.

Xavier University Stamp, Coin, and Medal Collection

The Xavier University Stamp, Coin, and Medal Collection holds National and International treasures collected by former Faculty, Staff, and Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament. International editions of stamps, collected between the 1930s-1950s, include WWII Germany, Vatican City, and Pre-USA Hawaii. Other items include coins from Palestine and Egypt from the 1940s, and Cast Lead Papal Bulla of Eugene IV, Pope between 1431 and 1447.